Diversity, Equity & Inclusion surveys & audits

Take stock of your DEI efforts

Now more than ever, diversity, equity and inclusion is a strategic priority for businesses. A growing number of companies are recognizing that diversity is a key factor in driving innovation and performance.  

We work with clients on creating a multi-layered approach to achieving a diverse, but inclusive, corporate culture. 

Diversity Surveys

We work with clients to ensure effective trainings fill a void — not create one. So, it is imperative to identify the problem before it can be solved.   

Our team helps identify areas of improvement by creating customized cultural surveys to help businesses capture and quantify the magnitude of gender, racial, and other diversity and inclusion issues in their organizations.  

Diversity Audits

For businesses that are committed to real structural change, our team conducts diversity audits to identify whether your diversity strategy is working.   

First, we will analyze your policies, processes, and underlying systems to identify gaps. We will assess practices related to hiring, promotions, performance evaluations, compensation, work assignment allocations, and mentorship and sponsorship programs.  

Then, we will propose solutions to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion is embedded in your culture and operational ecosystem.