Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training

Understand how to implement DEI into your business

It is critical to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We work with businesses to strengthen their systems so they are in the best interest of the organization and employees.  

Through our interactive and rigorous training programs, we prepare employers to comply with their obligations, address tough questions, improve employee morale, and make informed decisions to reduce risk.  

When partnering with us, we’ll review and evaluate your current leadership and development programs to ensure they reflect the current climate and create tailored training on a variety of topics. With an extensive background in business processes, policy implementation, and legal services, we have a unique ability to guide businesses on effective DEI practices. 

Our DEI trainings are tailored to fit your needs, and they include both an educational presentation as well as an interactive workshop. 

We have provided workplace guidance on matters such as: 

      • Equity and elimination of bias
      • Anti-bullying
      • Leadership development
      • Sensitive, confidential investigations
      • Cultural audits and assessments

Our expertise also includes drafting policies and procedures on best practices including:

      • Hiring and retention 
      • Compliance and risk assessments
      • Anti-discrimination
      • Harassment and retaliation
      • LGBTQ rights
      • Disability accommodations
      • Veteran employees
      • Social media usage
      • Classification of employees and independent contractors

Examples of issues that our trainings have addressed include, but are not limited to: 

      • The importance of incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into the workplace 
      • Systemic racism and the impact in the workplace 
      • Pay equity, allyship, sponsor programs, addressing cultural differences, and unconscious and implicit biases 
      • Bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace 
      • Developing women’s powerful presence, advocating for getting paid what you’re worth, and tools for career and leadership advancement 
      • Review performance protocol and provide tools on properly evaluating performance (recognizing that biases impact how performance is evaluated)