Services for businesses

We work with businesses ranging in size and across various industries including legal, healthcare, leadership consulting, lifestyle, arts and entertainment, media and technology, consumer products, higher education and non-profits.

Our team devotes considerable resources to supporting a range of non-profit and civic endeavors focused on diversity, inclusion, workplace equity, and elimination of bias and bullying, among other areas. Our commitment to these objectives is exemplified by our leadership roles in local and national organizations focused on achieving fairness and belonging for all constituents from employees to customers and clients to suppliers. Our team has held leadership roles in organizations such as The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Women Owned Law (WOL)The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF)The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD), among others.

Because we have a strong commitment to promoting an inclusive and diverse environment that promotes equity and eliminates bias, we consider it to be one of the main contributors to our success. We understand that fostering a welcoming and inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do, but it is also good for business. We extend this knowledge and expertise to our clients and professional contacts as we are passionate about encouraging a range of experience and thought in the communities around us.

We review and evaluate current leadership and development programs to assure they reflect the current climate and create tailored training on a variety of topics to suit company needs.

We regularly provide training and human resources advice to clients on a range of matters. Our team has handled sensitive confidential investigations, conducted customized training and provided workplace guidance to clients on a menu of matters including, for example, equity and elimination of bias, anti-bullying, social media usage, leadership development, and classification of employees and independent contractors. We have served public companies, government entities, non-profits, academia, privately held businesses, diverse owned businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives. Our expertise includes drafting policies and procedures on best practices for hiring, retention and separation of employees, parental and FMLA leave, anti-discrimination, harassment and retaliation, LGBTQ rights, disability accommodations, veteran employees and re-entry of formerly incarcerated individuals.

We have worked with clients to strengthen their systems so they are in the best interest of the organization and the team. Through our interactive and rigorous training programs, we prepare employers to comply with their obligations, address tough questions, improve morale and make informed decisions to reduce risk. 

Examples of topics and issues that our trainings have addressed include, but are not limited to:

    • The importance of incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into the workplace
    • Systemic racism and the impact in the workplace
    • Pay equity; allyship; sponsor programs; addressing cultural differences and unconscious and implicit biases
    • Bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace
    • Developing women’s powerful presence; advocating for getting paid what you’re worth; tools for career and leadership advancement
    • Review performance protocol and provide tools on properly evaluating performance (recognizing that biases impact how performance is evaluated)

Each of our sessions are customized and tailored to fit our client’s specific needs and include both an educational presentation component as well as an interactive workshop.

As more companies and organizations recognize the key importance that diversity plays in driving innovation and performance, the landscape has begun to shift and diversity, equity, and inclusion is now, more so than ever in the past, a strategic priority for many organizations.  We work with clients on creating a multi-layered approach to achieving a diverse, but inclusive, corporate culture.

Diversity Surveys

We work with clients to ensure effective trainings fill a void – not create one.  It is imperative that we identify the problem before we can solve it.  Our team helps identify areas of improvement by creating customized cultural surveys to help clients capture and quantify in terms of metrics the magnitude of gender, racial and other diversity and inclusion issues. 

Diversity Audits

For those organizations that are committed to real structural change, our team conducts diversity audits to identify whether your diversity strategy is working. Our team will analyze not just your policies, but your processes and underlying systems to identify gaps and propose solutions to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion is embedded in your culture and operational ecosystem. We will assess practices related to hiring, promotions, performance evaluations, compensation, work assignment allocations as well as mentorship and sponsorship programs.

GriesingMazzeo Leadership is your partner in systemic change.