The Legal Intelligencer – What Would You Do if Your Business Dried Up Tomorrow? Rainmakers Respond: Francine Griesing

Francine Griesing Shares Advice as a Rainmaker in The Legal Intelligencer

Francine Griesing was featured in the article by Stacy West Clark in The Legal Intelligencer which shared marketing advice from leading rainmakers. Fran offered the following response to the question, “What would you do if your business dried up tomorrow?”:

“Every lawyer, regardless of size of firm, area of practice, or success as a rainmaker, is well served to have a professional development plan and to review and update the plan regularly. The marketplace is moving faster, so having a plan helps you be nimble when changes occur that alter your practice and opportunities. If you have been doing that, you are less likely to be caught off guard if your market changes and likely have a contingency plan in place. So, the first thing for me and my team is to maintain a plan that is a living document. In the absence of that, I would make a plan and execute on it. To do so, I would focus on what work would I like to do that is needed by paying clients, who are the decision makers to select lawyers to do that work, and where do you find them? Where do they congregate, what do they read and who do they listen to? And then, try to attend the events they attend, write for the publications they read and speak at the conferences they attend. Building a reputation as an expert in the field in which you want to practice is key to distinguishing yourself from the pack.”

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