Philadelphia Business Journal – Women in Law: Those who made a big move share the lessons learned: Francine Griesing

Francine Griesing Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal for Women in Law Conference

Francine Griesing was included on the panel, “Going Their Own Way: Women Starting Law Firms”, as part of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Women in Law conference on June 14, 2018. Coverage of the event was included in the article, “Women in Law: Those who made a big move share the lessons learned”, where Fran shared some of the challenges for women-owned law firms:

“There are benefits and burdens of the moment of time we are in. Often we are asked to partner with larger firms to diversify their team, but we are expected to accept a lower rate. To me that’s a really big challenge because we don’t want to turn down work, but if you are pulling the same weight and working on the same matter and have the same expertise and credentials, why should you take less just because your firm is owned by a woman?”

Fran also notes the plus side of starting the firm: “No matter how hard it is to run your own firm, nothing feels as good as being your own boss.”

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